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Welcome to GO Therapy! We help children build the skills they need to tell us all of the important things they have to say. Our mission is to provide you and your family with high-quality, attentive, and engaging speech therapy services.

We are a Las Vegas born clinic-based practice with values rooted in service, family, teamwork, and excellence.

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Our goal is to empower individuals who have unique communication needs. We do this by providing customized therapy experiences, education for families, and sharing resources to help build abilities. We’ve equipped our clinic with materials to create a fun and positive environment to serve your family and our community. We’re so excited to meet you!


Speech Teletherapy

We offer speech and language therapy services through a secure video connection as alternative access to therapy. Apart from convenience, your child may show increased motivation.

Insurance Partners

We are a proud provider for the insurances listed below and offer our services to families who elect to self-pay.
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Went in yesterday with my son's and husband. Staff was all very professional and courteous. Extremely welcoming and encouraging. We have a scheduled plan in place for my children to work on their speech therapy. The location is very clean and accommodations were spot on. Look forward to going here each week and seeing the progress within my children. Thank you to all the staff. 5 stars.
Tracy Evans
Julianne is a wonderful speech therapist. She takes the time to share her experiences and demonstrates what was needed for our child's success so we could carry over her recommendations in our home and activities.
Frances Malinis
Julianne is amazing! My 6 year old daughter is in the autism spectrum and struggles with food due to a number of reasons…one being sensory. Thorough-We were provided with an intake packet to go over needs, concerns, medical info etc. prior to appointment. Follow up questions to gain more clarity were communicated via email. She asked questions that prompted me to really evaluate additional factors that can affect eating habits. Leading up to the appointment, Julianne reached out to give a summary of what to expect during the session. At the end of the session, she summarized what the session’s focus was and how we can continue the exercises at home to promote curiosity in different foods. Engaging-From the beginning to the end of the session, it was evident that it was important to Julianne to earn Mariella’s attention…and she did! Sometimes, adults/providers just expect a child to just “do” but I love that Julianne knew that effort has to come from both parties. Effective-She successfully had Mariella touching food with texture that she would not have before (like a coarse breakfast sausage as opposed to a smooth Vienna sausage) and even bite into a banana…all this in session #1 👏🏻 Truly looking forward to every victory that Julianne and Mariella make together in upcoming sessions 💯
Charis Daez
A lady named Julianne assisted us and though GO Therapy doesn’t honor our insurance as of this time, Julianne was very patient with answering our questions for us. She really made us feel that she was doing her line of work because she genuinely cares for the kids and families she serves.

Home is Nevada

Our clinic is located in Henderson, a block west of Stephanie Street and Warm Springs Road. As a small, locally-owned clinic, we are extremely proud to serve our community.