Ready? Set? Speech!

Children love to communicate- sometimes more than us parents can handle! From their infancy, they start to make babbling sounds, move on to formulating words, and eventually develop into proficient communicators as they produce all sounds clearly in sharing all their thoughts!

One of my son’s first words was “bus.” He screamed “BUTH, BUTH, BUTH” every time he saw one. I miss these years and the cute way he said this word, and many other words after that. He’s into Roblox these days. I overheard him playing with his cousin the other day:

“No Bella, it’s Rrrrroblox!!!,” said my son as his cousin invited him to play “Woblox” on their Ipads. My kid is on this game so often that I decided to buy a few shares in this company without doing much research. Who knows what it might be worth years from now?

What I do know is that at 4 years of age, it is still developmentally appropriate for his cousin to be saying “Woblox.” R is a later developing sound, and kids can take up to 6-7 years of age to produce this sound accurately.

Speech Sound Development Chart

Here is a speech sound development chart that I often share with other parents when discussing speech development. It’s a good point of reference to guide next steps, and I encourage you to view it.

Consulting with a speech therapist is a great way to get started if you have any concerns that your child is not clearly producing sounds to be a confident and effective communicator. Let’s talk! Feel free to get in touch with me, or speak with your child’s pediatrician to seek further guidance on your child’s communication needs.

Julianne is a licensed speech therapist and founder of GO Therapy and is excited to serve the Las Vegas and Henderson communities!