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Articulation Delay and Disorder


Understanding Articulation Delay and Disorder A child with an articulation delay/disorder has difficulty with producing age appropriate individual speech sounds resulting in speech that is difficult for listeners to understand. A child with an articulation delay is showing speech developing at a normal sequential pattern, but not yet age appropriate. A child with

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Language Delay and Disorder


Distinguishing Between Delay and Disorder A child with a receptive language delay/disorder has difficulty understanding what is being said to them. A child with an expressive language delay/disorder has trouble using words to communicate ideas. Children who have difficulty in both areas have a mixed receptive / expressive language delay or disorder. Children with

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Speech and Language Milestones


Parenting Doesn't Come with an Instruction Manual I love being a mom! I don't know that I can even completely explain in words the feelings that motherhood has given me. It is such a wonderful, crazy, satisfying, and tiring experience! I often find myself wondering if I am doing the right things and

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